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Dinner Menu

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Lunch Menu

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Szechuan Cuisine

Chef Lee’s specializes in Szechuan style cuisine.  The Szechuan region of China is famous for its rich soil and abundance of crops.  The most interesting ingredients of this style are spicy, red Szechuan peppers, fresh ginger, and garlic.  Authentic Chinese cooking is a real art, with interesting blends of aromas, flavors, textures, and colors.  These … Continued

Special Dinners

Chef Lee serves many special dinners–for Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day and other occasions.  And you can also order Peking Duck Imperial Banquet.  Served with Chinese pancakes, scallions and plum sauce.  Served with a variety of special delicacies.

Catering and Banquets

Chef Lee caters and has spacious accommodations for banquets.  Just give us a call!